Load Scanner System Options

volume load scan system

Portable Load Scanner 

The Portable Walz Load Scanner allows operations to move their scanner system as needed to meet each jobs requirements.  The scanner pole is mounted to a pre-fabricated concrete base.  This pre-fabricated base incorporate fork lift pockets for easy transportation.

The fully configured Portable Walz load scanner system by Walz allows operations to move their Load Scanner System from site and have it up and operational in just a few minutes.

walz volume load scan

Trailer Mounted Load Scanner

The Walz Trailer Mounted Load Scanner is ideal for applications that require a system that is easily transportable. This configuration includes built in job boxes and locations for mounting a portable generator.  The Trailer Mounted Load Scanner is the ideal choice for operations that change scan locations on a regular basis. 

roll off truck scanner

Unattended Vehicle Identification Operation 

For clients looking to completely automate their process, We incorporate RFID technology.  This RFID technology allows for operations to run their Walz Load Scanner without the need for an operator.  The RFID system includes a RFID reader located at the load scanner and individual RFID truck tags that are attached to each truck.  This automation solution allows the Walz Load Scanner to automatically identify each truck and capture their scan data.

portable volume load scanner image

Tablet Interface 

The Walz Load Scanner System is designed around a touch operator interface.  This enables clients to utilize tablet devices for running their system.  This option enables operations to run their system over WiFi and Cellular Networks at job sites.  This unique approach also enables truck drivers to manually select material types, stockpiles, customers , ect directly from the comfort of their cab.

load scanner rfid technology

Unattended Driver Kiosk Interface and Printer

For clients looking to track multiple materials, multiple jobs, and manage multiple material stockpiles; Walz can supply our Touch Screen Automation Kiosk.   These kiosks enable drivers to manage each load and accurately capture critical job site data and print load tickets.  Managing multiple materials, multiple jobs, or multiple stockpiles is now a seamless process.

View the short video detailing the operation