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Load Scanner for Public Works Salt & Aggregate Trucks

Oct 23, 2014 | Tags: volume load scanner, truck load scanner, inmotion scanner, dynamic load scanner
Public Works Load Scanner

Public Works & The Walz Load Scanner 

Public Works operations look to the Walz Load Scanner to manage salt inventories and salt usage per storm event.  The dynamic in-motion load scanner provides real time salt usage information and the ability to manage inventories at multiple salt facilities from on centralized cloud account.


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3D Load Profiling | Walz Payload Scanner System

Jul 16, 2014 | Tags: tray scanner, volume load scanner, vehicle volume scanner, scan trucks, scan mining trucks, bed scanner
mining truck load scan profiling

Mines Look To Improve Loading Practices 

Mining operations look to Walz to provide advanced load profiling tools for their haulage fleets of mining trucks.  The high definition 3D load scan  images provide exceptional detail and allow for mining operations to improve shovel operator performance as well as track mining truck body fill factors.  

  • Improved shovel operator performance
  • Improved vehicle component life
  • Truck body performance monitoring


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Walz Load Scanner for Stock Pile Management

Jul 16, 2014 | Tags: load scan, volume truck scanner, volume load scanner, laod scanner, truck volume scanner
stockpile management load scanner

Volumetric Load Scanning for Road Salt Management

Public Works Facilities look to Walz Scale for improved salt stockpile inventory management.  The newly developed volumetric load scanning technology has found a new home at public works facilities in North America.  This load scanning solution provides operations with real time stockpile inventory management, while the online cloud account allows for managers to view and manage all of their stockpiles in one place.

  • Real time stockpile management
  • Individual load totals per truck
  • Track material usage per project or per lane mile


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