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5 Ways to Levarge Volumetric Load Scanning

May 16, 2016 | Tags: load scanner, volumetric load scanning, mining, biomass, mulch, grain, waste, debris, technology

The Walz Load Scanner can be applied to many payload management systems. From stockpile analysis in agriculture and farming settings to weighing truck loads in mining and aggregate operations, there are a number of ways in which industry users are leveraging the power of volumetric load scanning. Below are five applications that have defined our load scanner technology as an industry game changer. ...

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Walz Load Scanner Featured in Industrial Weigh & Measure (WeighProducts.com)

Mar 28, 2016 | Tags: 3d load scanner, load scanner, cloud sync, payload pro, industrial weigh and measure, news, feature, shipping, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, laser scanner

As publicity surrounding the Walz Load Scanner continues grow parallel with the system's emerging popularity in the industry, certain notable publications have been pivotal at spreading the word. Among those is Industrial Weigh & Measure (WeighProducts.com), a popular magazine publication that features resources and solutions for logistics, distribution, process and manufacturing, to name but a few. ...

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Trailer Mounted Load Scanner Ideal for Portable Applications

Mar 14, 2016 | Tags: load scanner, load volume scanner, portable, trailer mounted, kiosk, rfid, load tickets, farmers, yield load scanner, automation

The trailer mounted Load Scanner from Walz is essential for volumetric load scanning applications that require a system that's fully-portable. As the ideal choice for operations that change scan locations on a regular basis, the trailer mounted Load Scanner configuration includes built in job boxes and locations for mounting a portable generator. ...

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Load Scanner Applications Go Beyond Truck Bed Scanning

Feb 3, 2016 | Tags: load volume scanner, truck load scanner, stock pile management, belt scanner, public works, caterpillar, real-time

With the recent advancements in volumetric-based weighing and payload management systems, the load scanner is becoming more widely used across various industry applications beyond truck bed scanning. While the load scanner is most popular for scanning truck bed loads to determine the volume and weight of those loads, the same volumetric laser scanning technology is being used for other scanning applications, such as conveyors and stockpile analysis applications. ...

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Load Scanner Lightens The Load for Payload Operators

Jan 8, 2016 | Tags: load scanner, load volume scanner, payload scanner, truck scales, cloud sync, software, payload pro

The load volume scanner system has gained traction in many industries spanning from mining to waste management. In short, the load scanner is an affordable and efficient payload management solution compared conventional weighing systems, such as portable truck scales and weighbridge scales. ...

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Cloud Colaberation

Dec 10, 2015

Load Scanner develops Cloud Sync Program  Load Scanner announces LSCS Load Scanner Cloud Sync, allowing existing payload and fleet management providers to seamlessly integrate our load analysis tools directly into their existing software suites.  This new approach allows existing service providers to leverage the Load Scanner Technology to enhance their customers experience within their existing dashboards. ...

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5 Ways The Load Volume Scanner is a Win for Mining & Excavation

Dec 7, 2015 | Tags: truck scales, mining, excavation

While many excavation and mining companies are adopting the load volume scanner over truck scales and other traditional weighing systems, some are still hesitant to change their current weighing systems. So to turn the skeptics into late adopters of load scanner technology, below are five ways the load volume scanner is a win for mining and excavation. ...

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Load Volume Scanner vs. Truck Weigh Scales

Nov 10, 2015 | Tags: load monitoring, load scanner, load volume scanner, laser scanning, truck scales, stock pile management, load position, rental, weighing

While many companies are realizing the incredible benefits of the load volume scanner, several are hesitant to adopt this technology over their truck scales. ...

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Onsite Payload Analysis

Aug 7, 2015

Onsite Payload Verification Walz partners with Caterpillar Inc. to provide onsite load verification and load optimization at large quarry.  The utilization of the load scanner helps Caterpillar to improve their customers production, by maximizing loading tool and haulage asset optimization.  ...

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Portable Load Scanner

Jan 16, 2015

Portable Walz Load Scanner Walz designs and builds new portable trailer systems for the WLS Walz Volume Load Scanner.  This portable trailer system incorporates our adjustable scanner mount along with job boxes and leveling feet.  Each unit can be supplied with our tough tablet or touch screen kiosk interfaces.  While the integrated RFID system allows for unattended or unmanned operation at any job site. ...

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