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5 Ways The Load Volume Scanner is a Win for Mining & Excavation

Monday, December 7, 2015

While many excavation and mining companies are adopting the load volume scanner over truck scales and other traditional weighing systems, some are still hesitant to change their current weighing systems. So to turn the skeptics into late adopters of load scanner technology, below are five ways the load volume scanner is a win for mining and excavation.

load scanner mining and excavation

Drastically Increased Throughput 

Perhaps one of the most important variables for mining and excavation operations is throughput, or the speed at which certain functions are performed. Weighing truck loads is perhaps the most cumbersome yet important functions that can be drastically accelerated with the load scanner.

load volume scanner system

With load volume scanning technology, trucks can pass under the scanner unit seamlessly with no stoppages. Load data will be generated and recorded into the integrated weighing software, Payload Pro. For large operations that process hundreds of loads per day, this can be a huge win.

Monitor Truck Load Positioning 

While truck scales enable you to weigh loads, the load scanner provides additional metric of value: volume. The system produced 3D volume imagery of each load passing through the system. This enables operators to monitor and pinpoint inadequate loading of trucks, which over time, can pay massive dividends for a business' bottom line.

Leverage a Fully-Mobile System

Another win for the load volume scanner is the portability of the unit. The system can be assembled, disassembled, and moved to various locations in a matter of minutes. For mining and excavation companies with many weighing sites, mobility is an important feature to leverage.

mobile load volume scanner

Realize a Huge ROI

Compared to the price of large truck scale systems, like weighbridges and other heavy-duty weighing scales, the load scanner is a cost-efficient investment that provides incredible ROI for many companies.

Maintain & Use With Ease

Maintaining and using the load volume scanner system is easy. While truck scales often need calibration and maintenance over time, the load scanner system requires far less attention to maintaining its functionality and accurate performance.

Using the load scanner is also very easy for most operators. The software integration makes it simple to make sense of data and monitor load management processes with ease.

For more information about the load volume scanner system, contact LoadScanner.com.