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Load Volume Scanner vs. Truck Weigh Scales

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

While many companies are realizing the incredible benefits of the load volume scanner, several are hesitant to adopt this technology over their truck scales.

Both load volume scanning and truck load weighing have their pro's and con's. However, the load scanner technology can introduce new efficiencies that are otherwise unknown to many business that require heavy-duty weighing solutions.

Below are several reasons why the load volume scanner system is a win over traditional truck scales and heavy-duty load weighing systems.

load volume scanner system

5 Reasons Why the Load Volume Scanner is Win

Below we discuss five reasons why the load volume scanner system is win over most conventional truck scales.

1. In-motion scanning and weighing - While only some truck weighing scales offer in-motion weighing capabilities, the load volume scanner is intended to scan truck loads while they pass under the laser scanning head. The system can process many truck loads, taking volumetric measurements and converting them into weight measurements on the fly. This can drastically increase productivity for many users.

load volume scanner2. Load position monitoring - The volumetric 3D imagery of each truck load can help users assess how well loads are positioned on the truck beds. Users can pinpoint insufficient loading and improve upon inefficiencies to ensure each truck gets loaded to its fullest capacity.

3. Portability and easy of installation - The load scanner unit is fully portable and can be integrated in many settings and configurations. Whether your working with large CAT trucks for mining or conveyor systems, the load volume scanner can used for a variety of applications. Additionally, the set-up and takedown process often times take only minutes.

4. Cost-efficient investment - In addition to the cost savings realized from the dramatic increase in efficiency from using the load scanner, investing in a unit cost far less than most conventional truck scale systems. The load volume scanner ca also be rented for short-term use and special project needs.

5. Materials and stock pile management - The real time load management features of the load scanner allows for accurate stockpile management. The system will automatically increase stock pile inventories for all in-bound loads and reduce stock pile inventories for all out-bound loads. Users can also add and manage an unlimited amount of materials. The intuitive operator interface allows for operators to easily manage materials per load.