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Walz Load Scanner Featured in Industrial Weigh & Measure (WeighProducts.com)

Monday, March 28, 2016

As publicity surrounding the Walz Load Scanner continues grow parallel with the system's emerging popularity in the industry, certain notable publications have been pivotal at spreading the word. Among those is Industrial Weigh & Measure (WeighProducts.com), a popular magazine publication that features resources and solutions for logistics, distribution, process and manufacturing, to name but a few.

industrial weigh and measure load scanner

The write-up about the Walz Load Scanner at Industrial Weigh & Measure is one of the best we've seen yet here at LoadScanner.com. The piece dives deep into the non-contact weighing capabilities of the 3D laser scanning technology behind the load scanner operation. Further, the article delves into the Payload Pro software integration as well as the cloud-based data management functionality that the complete system offers.

industrial weigh and measureA compelling point made during the publication's interview with Walz Scale's founder, Matt Walz, underscores the value of the load scanner: "You’d be surprised how many industries are concerned with volume and not weight," said Matt. "When you look at such industries as mining, aggregate/rock, mulch, bio-mass, bio-fuel, agriculture, and construction, they’re in that world of volume."

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