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Thursday, December 10, 2015
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Load Scanner develops Cloud Sync Program 

Load Scanner announces LSCS Load Scanner Cloud Sync, allowing existing payload and fleet management providers to seamlessly integrate our load analysis tools directly into their existing software suites.  This new approach allows existing service providers to leverage the Load Scanner Technology to enhance their customers experience within their existing dashboards.

Carry-Back Monitoring is one of the tools that is now available within the Load Scanner Cloud Sync platform.  The ability to monitor, analyze and alert mine personnel to haulage asset carry-back in real time is a critical component in maximizing production.  Existing fleet management software providers can now integrate carry back monitoring directly into their dashboards.

Load Placement Monitoring is another tool that can be integrated seamlessly into existing fleet management systems.  Improper load placement attributes to increased haulage asset maintenance costs and machine downtime.  The ability to monitor shovel operator performance in real time, without disruption to daily work flow can pay big dividends in reducing maintenance costs and maximizing production.  Mine sites can now monitor, analyze and correct for improper loading of haulage assets.

Payload Monitoring is another critical tool provided by the Load Scanner Cloud Sync System.  Accurate volumetric payload analysis is performed in real time for every load, enabling mine sites to analyze and adjust operations in real time.  Below is a list of how this real time volumetric load data can be used within existing fleet management systems.

  • Real time monitoring and calibration tool for onboard haulage asset scale systems
  • Real time monitoring and calibration tool for onboard loading asset scale systems
  • Monitor production in volume
  • Real time stockpile volumes
  • Monitor material density in real time per load
  • Monitor body/tray design performance

The Load Scanner System is a non contact system designed to provide advanced imagery and volumetric load analysis.  System components include environmentally protected laser scanners and a proprietary payload analysis operating system.  The system design allows for a very simple installation process as the main requirement is to locate the laser scanners above the haulage assets during the scanning process.  Haulage assets are not required to stop, but are required to drive under the laser scanners, allowing for the installation of the system on current haulage routes.  Each load is scanned and analyzed within 5-8 seconds, allowing for real time monitoring of critical data.  Data can be stored locally or transferred to our Payload Pro Cloud for data storage and reporting.  The Cloud Sync Process allows integrators to leverage the critical data locally or via the cloud directly into their existing dashboards.