Load Scanner Applications Go Beyond Truck Bed Scanning

Feb 3, 2016 | Tags: load volume scanner, truck load scanner, stock pile management, belt scanner, public works, caterpillar, real-time

With the recent advancements in volumetric-based weighing and payload management systems, the load scanner is becoming more widely used across various industry applications beyond truck bed scanning. While the load scanner is most popular for scanning truck bed loads to determine the volume and weight of those loads, the same volumetric laser scanning technology is being used for other scanning applications, such as conveyors and stockpile analysis applications.

Some of the industries that derive values from the load scanner system include the biomass and mulch industries, the mining industry, public works, farming and agriculture, and so on. The biomass and mulch industries can benefit a lot from the Walz Belt Scanner which proves to be very helpful for these industries.

Walz Belt Scanner

This scanner utilizes the time-of-flight technology to measure (non-contact measurement) the volume flow on the conveyor belts. The Walz Belt Scanner works superior in that it is simple to use and has a user-friendly operation for biomass and mulch applications. The maintenance cost is very minimum and the development time is largely reduced. The scanner uses the combination of belt speed and the time-of-flight data in order to produce the desired volume signal irrespective of the property of the bulk material and the weather conditions.

Excessive belt wear is avoided by sensing imbalances in loading of the materials with the help of the integrated center of gravity calculator. The scanner system can work even under extreme operating conditions. The integrated heater system ensures secure operation under cold weather conditions. This makes the system the ideal load scanner for ag producers, enabling farmers to determine the volume and weight of crop yields during harvest.

truck bed load volume scanner

Large mining operating sites rely on the Walz load volume scanner for monitoring and analyzing the loads and productivity of their mining trucks. This helps these industries to decide upon improving their productivity. The mining operations utilize Walz Scales' volume load scanner technology to minimize their operating costs in the recent times.

The Walz volumetric load scanner along with mining scales and payload management software can help in the calculation of real time material density. This value can guide the mine about the shovel and the truck matching. The pit production monitoring at the mining facilities use the Walz load scanner for the real-time production monitor without any disruptions.

Caterpillar is one of the leading companies in the market and they seek on the Walz load scanner for their weight and payload management solutions. In fact, Caterpillar recently used the load volume scanner in combination with the portable scales to verify the vehicle loads and the load position. The advanced scanner system from the Walz has helped in improving the operational efficiency and the data management.

Public works load scanner truck bed

Public works facilities use the Walz Scale for the improvement of salt stockpile inventory management. The volumetric load scanning technology which is newly developed proves helpful for public works operations. It has helped in providing real-time stockpile management along with the identification of individual load totals per truck.

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Cloud Colaberation

Dec 10, 2015
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Load Scanner develops Cloud Sync Program 

Load Scanner announces LSCS Load Scanner Cloud Sync, allowing existing payload and fleet management providers to seamlessly integrate our load analysis tools directly into their existing software suites.  This new approach allows existing service providers to leverage the Load Scanner Technology to enhance their customers experience within their existing dashboards.

Carry-Back Monitoring is one of the tools that is now available within the Load Scanner Cloud Sync platform.  The ability to monitor, analyze and alert mine personnel to haulage asset carry-back in real time is a critical component in maximizing production.  Existing fleet management software providers can now integrate carry back monitoring directly into their dashboards.

Load Placement Monitoring is another tool that can be integrated seamlessly into existing fleet management systems.  Improper load placement attributes to increased haulage asset maintenance costs and machine downtime.  The ability to monitor shovel operator performance in real time, without disruption to daily work flow can pay big dividends in reducing maintenance costs and maximizing production.  Mine sites can now monitor, analyze and correct for improper loading of haulage assets.

Payload Monitoring is another critical tool provided by the Load Scanner Cloud Sync System.  Accurate volumetric payload analysis is performed in real time for every load, enabling mine sites to analyze and adjust operations in real time.  Below is a list of how this real time volumetric load data can be used within existing fleet management systems.

  • Real time monitoring and calibration tool for onboard haulage asset scale systems
  • Real time monitoring and calibration tool for onboard loading asset scale systems
  • Monitor production in volume
  • Real time stockpile volumes
  • Monitor material density in real time per load
  • Monitor body/tray design performance

The Load Scanner System is a non contact system designed to provide advanced imagery and volumetric load analysis.  System components include environmentally protected laser scanners and a proprietary payload analysis operating system.  The system design allows for a very simple installation process as the main requirement is to locate the laser scanners above the haulage assets during the scanning process.  Haulage assets are not required to stop, but are required to drive under the laser scanners, allowing for the installation of the system on current haulage routes.  Each load is scanned and analyzed within 5-8 seconds, allowing for real time monitoring of critical data.  Data can be stored locally or transferred to our Payload Pro Cloud for data storage and reporting.  The Cloud Sync Process allows integrators to leverage the critical data locally or via the cloud directly into their existing dashboards.



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Onsite Payload Analysis

Aug 7, 2015
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Onsite Payload Verification

Walz partners with Caterpillar Inc. to provide onsite load verification and load optimization at large quarry.  The utilization of the load scanner helps Caterpillar to improve their customers production, by maximizing loading tool and haulage asset optimization. 


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Portable Load Scanner

Jan 16, 2015
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Portable Walz Load Scanner

Walz designs and builds new portable trailer systems for the WLS Walz Volume Load Scanner.  This portable trailer system incorporates our adjustable scanner mount along with job boxes and leveling feet.  Each unit can be supplied with our tough tablet or touch screen kiosk interfaces.  While the integrated RFID system allows for unattended or unmanned operation at any job site.



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Volume Belt Scanner

Dec 18, 2014
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Volumetric Belt Scanner 

The Walz Belt Scanner uses time-of-flight technology for non-contact measurement of volume flow on conveyor belts. The Walz Belt Scanner works as a simple and user-friendly sensor, shorten the development time, and decrease the maintenance cost as well. It has a robust structure and is reliable. Using the multi-echo technology, the Walz Belt Scanner WBS-1 can combine time-of-flight data with the belt speed to generate a reliable volume flow signal, regardless of the bulk material’s properties or weather conditions. The integrated center-of-gravity calculator can be used to detect uneven loading of the bulk material and avoid excessive belt wear. Its tough industrial housing is well suited to rugged operating conditions. An integrated heater also ensures safe operation in cold temperatures. All this significantly reduces maintenance costs vs. standard belt scales. 

This solution is ideal for the Biomass and Mulch Industries 


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Walz Load Scanner in Spain

Dec 16, 2014
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Caterpillar to utilize the Walz Payload Scanner in Europe

The Walz Load Scanner will be utilized in Europe starting in 2015, as Walz has just returned from our onsite installation and training in Spain.  The Walz Load Scanner will be used in conjunction with our advanced scale interface software allowing Caterpillar to provide advanced data management tools to their dealers and customers throughout Europe.


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Truck Load Volume Measurement & Tracking

Nov 12, 2014
Truck Bed Volume Measurement

Touch Screen Operator Display

The Walz Load Scanner can be operated by a touch screen tablet that can be installed directly into the excavators cab.  This allows for the operator to manage all of the loads and track production in real time.  Operators can also sync their load data directly from the tablet to their cloud account for offsite management of production and billing.


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Dredging Load Scanner

Nov 12, 2014
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Dredging & The Walz Load Scanner 

Dredging operations can now improve their operation and provide better production numbers to their clients.  The portable Walz Load Scanner is a great tool for dredging contractors and end users who are looking to know the actual amount of material that has been removed by any dredging operation.


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Load Scanner for Public Works Salt & Aggregate Trucks

Oct 23, 2014 | Tags: volume load scanner, truck load scanner, inmotion scanner, dynamic load scanner
Public Works Load Scanner

Public Works & The Walz Load Scanner 

Public Works operations look to the Walz Load Scanner to manage salt inventories and salt usage per storm event.  The dynamic in-motion load scanner provides real time salt usage information and the ability to manage inventories at multiple salt facilities from on centralized cloud account.


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Load Optimization Analysis

Oct 23, 2014
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Mining Optimization & The Walz Load Scanner 

Large open pit mining operation chooses the Walz Load Scanner to monitor and analyze their loading and productivity of their fleet of ultra class mining trucks.  This allows the mine to make real time decisions to maximize their operational productivity. 


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