Data Management

volume load scanner software interface

Load Scanner Tracking Fields

The Walz Load Scanner System has been designed to allow operators to manage critical data fields such as.

Customer Account - Truck ID - Driver - Material - Stock Pile - Job - Material Density - Net Truck Weight - Trailer ID - Cycle Time - Load Factor

+ Much More

Payload Pro Load Scan Data

Manage Individual Loads

The intuitive operator interface of the load scanner system by Walz allows for the simple management of all your individual truck loads by date, account, truck, material or stockpile.

Volume Load Management

Stock Pile Management

The real time load management allows for accurate stockpile management.  The system will automatically increase stock pile inventories for all in-bound loads and reduce stock pile inventories for all out-bound loads.

truck load volume data

Materials Management

Add and manage an unlimited amount of materials.  The intuitive operator interface allows for operators to easily manage materials per load.

load scanner cloud account interface

Cloud Data Access

The optional Cloud Access allows operations to manage all of their scan data in real time from any location with an internet connection.  This allows for management of multiple locations in one place on the internet, improving overall access and management to your production and stock pile data.

Connect with the Payload Pro Cloud Account Site