Advanced Load Volume Scanner Technology

Walz Load Volume Scanner

Volumetric Load Scanning Technology 

The Walz Load Scanner developed by Walz Scale has been developed using state of the art laser technology and advanced algorithms.  This new technology incorporates lasers to accurately determine the actual volumetric carried load in open top vehicles, while the vehicle travels dynamically or in-motion under the scanner head.  The use of laser technology creates a very robust low maintenance load scanner solution for a variety of applications.

Typical Operational Flow

1. Trucks are scanned "empty" and these empty scans are stored within the system

2. Trucks are then scanned "loaded" and these loaded scans are compared against the corresponding "empty" stored scans

3. The result is the actual carried material volume for each "loaded" truck

View Short Video Clip: "3D Load Scanning"

volume load scan system

Load Volume Scanner System Components 

The Walz Load Volume Scanner will arrive to your door fully configured and ready to install.  The standard load scanner system is comprised of the following components and can be shipped via UPS or Fedex.

- Load Volume Scanner Head

- Tablet or PC

- Payload Pro Operating System 

- Installation & Operation Instructions 

Each load scanner system is pre-configured and tested prior to shipping.  This enables clients to perform their own onsite installations, reducing overall system costs.

walz volume load scan

Walz Load Scanner Site Requirements 

The following are the typical site requirements of the load scanner system:

- 115/230VAC or 12/24VDC power source

- Mounting location for the system

- Level driving surface

- Optional WiFi, Ethernet or Cellular connection for cloud based operation

portable load volume scanner image

Permanent or Portable Load Volume Scanner Operation 

The Walz Load Scanner System can be operated in a variety of mounting configurations.  Clients may choose to fabricate their own mounting system or choose from one of the below pre-fabricated mounting configurations.

- Permanent installation (Scanner pole to be mounted to an existing concrete base)

- Portable Mount (Scanner pole to be mounted to portable concrete block)

- Wall Mount (Scanner head mounted to existing building or structure)

- Portable Trailer (Fully portable trailer system)

3d volume truck bed scanner

Empty Vehicle Load Scan Images

After the vehicle has exited the load scanner, the system will generate empty scan images for your records.  These images can be a very useful tool for managing carry-back in the beds of the trucks.

3d volume load scanner

Loaded Vehicle Scan Images

High definition 3D images are also produced for every loaded scan.  These images are generated in real time and can be included on every load ticket.  Providing a visual representation of every load, this tool is also ideal for managing load position and improving overall loading operation for your trucks.

Image of Roll Off Scale System

Load Tickets

Load tickets or "load receipts" are generated for all loaded scans.  Within the load volume scanner system settings you can choose to email or print these load tickets in real time.  The included load images are ideal for a visual representation of the load and improved customer acceptance. 

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